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Wholesale Lease Options

So I see, you want to do wholesale lease options. and if you are located at Phoenix, laveen, Tempe, Mesa, or maricopa county, you are in the right place! 


Welcome to SRG-Financial, where your wealth is within reach and dreams come true.

First, we want to congratulate you for choosing the right path!

Wholesale lease options is the best tool to extravagantly boost your real estate investing business, so congratulations! You are doing great!

Why Wholesale Lease Options?

  • Is NOT dependent on the real estate market trends
  • A MAJOR WIN for all parties involved (seller, buyer, investor)
  • BEST tool to elevate your real estate investing business
  • MOST ESPECIALLY, if you have a bad credit score, with wholesale lease options, you have nothing to worry about. Compared to banks where they won’t give you a loan because of a rough credit score, wholesale lease options give you an avenue to pay on time for a year or so, build your credit, then get approved by the bank after.

And now, let me tell you this: You have landed on the right page.

By teaming up with us, a Hundred Percent guaranteed you will be able to:

To qualify home ownership

  1. Quickly close a good deal and make amazing profits
  2. Elevate your creativeness in investing
  3. Know more and more in-depth about the current real estate market trends
  4. Widen your buyer and seller lists
  5. BEST OF ALL, work at best and make numerous profits on both cold and hot real estate markets

Together, we will develop your understanding towards every step and every point of the process. We will make sure to make you a STRATEGIC, MORE CREATIVE, WISER, AND BETTER wholesaler REGARDLESS of market trends.

If You Are An Investor:

wholesale, lease options investor

  • You will absolutely PERFECT hitting the highest possible percentage for you through our in-depth analysis
  • You will be able to FIND THE BEST DEALS through our help and strategies
  • You will COMPLETELY KNOW how to establish and maintain a good reputation and solid relationships in this field of work
  • You will ATTRACT the best buyers in town

If  you are a buyer who wants to eventually buy the property:

  • We will help you get that goal and close the deal considering that you have at least 3-3.5% money upfront

wholesale lease house buyer

Do you want to earn CHUNKS OF CASH in the real estate world?

Do you want to make THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS without the long pressure of time and financing?

Do you want to GIVE yourself and your family a better, more secure life?


Be Successful in Wholesale Lease Options! 

Get to know real estate investing strategies by familiarizing yourself to wholesale lease options.

Here in SRG-Financial, we will guide you to wholesaling lease options strategies that will LEAD YOU TO THE TOP!


Here are the common questions.

What Is Wholesaling Lease Option?

Answer: Compared to regular wholesaling in investing business, Wholesaling lease options is a combination of two real estate investing strategies: wholesale and lease option. This is one of the market trends where a real estate investor in a real estate investing business can close a wholesale deal without having to secure financing.

How to Wholesaling Lease Option?

Answer: In investing business, wholesaling lease option is basically putting together a lease option, then assigning it to someone else, often the seller. It is an investing strategy in real estate where a tenant buyer and seller have an option term, option agreement and option contract where they can both agree on and then the wholesaler will earn the money. As a wholesaler, you are given the right to own a property but without the hassle to control it, which is what makes it appaling. On a final note, the key to success would be to perfect calculating risks to attain the best possible profit. Maintaining a good reputation is also a must since you are dealing with a lot of people, and contracts. Doing so will make future deals much easier and manageable.

How To Structure A Wholesaling Lease Option Deal

Answer: First, the wholesaler will locate a typically motivated owner/seller with a property need and maybe having trouble locating a renter or buyer on their own. These sellers are open to creative investing strategies.

Second, the wholesaler will negotiate a lease-option agreement that will include the option terms (including monthly rent and rental length), purchase agreement, option contract and option fee. Once the agreement is reached, the wholesaler and the owner/seller will execute and sign the lease option agreement.

Third, the wholesaler then gets to work to locate a potential tenant buyer where he can use a variety of marketing methods. Once the wholesaler locates a tenant buyer, they will review the terms of the lease option with the tenant buyer and connect them with the owner/seller. When they both agree to the terms, the wholesaler assigns the contract from him to the tenant buyer. The owner/seller and new tenant/buyer execute the contract, and the wholesaler gets paid!

How can I legally wholesale real estate?

Answer: You have to ensure all agreements are valid and include all the agreement language, depending on your state’s requirements. However, being a legal wholesale real estate agent does not require any license. All you need to be is either to be a principal buyer or a seller in a specific transaction.

Can you wholesale a subject-to deal?

Answer: Yes! There are various ways to generate income in this type of deal and if done right, it will mean just like taking over someone’s mortgage. One of the best ways would be to retail buyers because they will not be as hectic as the investors and they are very glad with just owning a home.

How do I start my own wholesaling business?

Answer: You must first know your market for your business. Look for a distressed property to wholesale, make an offer, convince the owner to sell the property for you, then have him/her sign the contract, create your title company, search for an appraiser and a contractor, reevaluate what the property needs for renovation, look for a buyer, make good profit by negotiating a deal, and then finally closing the wholesale property. Most people confuse wholesaling with flipping and fixing houses but it is a lot different from that especially when it comes to legal requirements and contracts.

When to Consider Lease Options?

Answer: If you are a renter, you must put into the highest consideration your money or credit for purchasing. If you are an investor, wholesale lease options will be of the highest advantage for you if they are not capable of having a traditional home loan or tenants who are qualified for a mortgage, or if they simply do not want to invest a lot of money at first. Quick and large profit will also be obtained if the property only needs minimal work because it also requires low budget.

Who Benefits From A Wholesaling Lease Option Deal?

Answer: Both the buyer and seller benefit from a wholesale lease option deal, even when the market is on its down point. When this happens, the buyer will have more time to use the property without actually purchasing it. Meanwhile, when the real estate market is doing great, the buyer can find properties where they won’t be required to have big money to face a deal. On the side of the investor, benefits are also on high since risks are lower because they will never have to own the property. They will just need to act like a real estate agent and find a buyer for the property.

Is Wholesaling Lease Options Worth It?

Answer: YES! And very much worth it! If you do and set it up right from the start, then you got to win. These two things are vital to your success in this field of expertise: First, you must pick good locations, and then find good homes to place your lease options to, because this is where most people are in the search of owning a home for themselves and/or family. Second, only those who have paid atleast 3% down, are working with a mortgage broker, and based on your analysis have a high chance of having a mortgage within a year, must be placed as a tenant buyer.

What Is The Difference Between A Lease Option And A Lease Purchase?

Answer: In real estate investing, lease purchase binds both parties to the sale while in a lease option, the tenant buyer has the option, but the seller does not. In lease purchasing, the seller is being paid solely for the exclusive right to own the property in a given period of time. The purchase price may be talked between and then agreed to by both parties, but in most cases, buyers already decide to end the negotiation in the beginning by already locking in the price.

Lease option, on the other hand, enables the seller to be paid to sell the property much later. There is an ongoing predetermined rental amount that will last until the end of the term of the agreement which usually lasts for 1-3 years. As long as there is the lease option, there will be no other buyer besides the first one, and he/she may never share the lease option without the seller’s go-signal. At the end of the term, if the buyer did not buy the property nor exercise his/her right to lease option, then the agreement shall expire.

Real estate investing is still the best long-term investment option in the U.S., and the wholesale leasing option is still the EASIEST and FASTEST way to generate income in real estate!

So what are you waiting for?