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Who We are and What We do

SRG Financial LLC  is a locally owned and operated Real Estate Investment firm located in Phoenix AZ. We buy, sell, market, finance, and rent properties through the entire Phoenix Metro Valley. Our commitment is to serve those who want to become homeowners or sell their house in a straightforward way where it is easy to understand. We also help people improve their credit for large purchases they would like to make.

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It’s been said 7 out of every 10 people in America don’t qualify for a mortgage. There are several reasons such as poor credit, too short of a time at a job, not enough Tax returns for new business owners, self employed people who don’t show high taxable income. We want to help these people and more. If you desire to become a homeowner, we want to help you.

Credit Repair

Life Happens and sometimes people need help in rebuilding their credit. We use this a lot for our buyers but we know people want to make other purchases besides a home and qualify for great  credit card offers. We don’t want past mistakes to cost you money now.

Selling Your House

Most people think that to sell their house they either have to list with a realtor, sell it themselves without training, or have an investor wanting to give a low number cash offer. We have multiple ways to purchase properties and we want to give the fairest offer we can. There are a multitude of reasons people will sell and we want to create a win-win for everyone.

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